5 Point Plan for Car Insurance

Visit at least one of 4 large comparison websites, gocompare.com, MoneySupermarket, CompareTheMarket and Confused


Price Comparison Websites

All the price comparison website ask a slightly different set of questions so you need to be extra careful to answer each question in the same way for an accurate comparison.

You may still find that all 4 price comparison websites return a different quote from the same insurer so it's always worth while visiting the insurer's website directly to get a final online quote or chat to see about getting the best deal, here is a list of car insurance contact details

Buy Direct
Some large insurers aren't on comparison websites so visit or call the 3 large ones; admiral.com, Aviva and DirectLine

Your local High Street Broker is well worth a visit, they have incredible market knowledge so try and visit at least one, A-Plan and Swinton are the two biggest, an absolute must for specialist cars or higher risk drivers

Black Box
Telematics record your driving and so you pay how well or how much you drive, good for young drivers see co-op insurance or low milage drivers see hastingsdirect.com

Always worth checking if a Multicar policy works out cheaper so get at lease one quote from admiral.com, Aviva or DirectLine


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