Less engine, more safety and security for cheaper insurance

A model with a less powerful engine will usually be cheaper to buy as well as cheaper to insure and a slower 0 to 60mph provides better telematics data if you have black box insurance.

All UK specification cars have a Thatcham Category 2 immobiliser as standard but all models can be upgraded to Category 1 alarm and immobiliser or better still a Category 5 GPS tracking system if you own an expensive or high performance car or live in an expensive high risk postcode area.

Insurers now put cars with high-tech safety features in cheaper insurance groups, this includes front facing radar collision avoidance and other electronic driverless control systems but these features tend to come on the more expensive cars at least for the time being.

List of cars in insurance group 1.
Chevrolet (10 on) Spark 1.0i
Citroen C1 (05-14) 1.0i Vibe
Citroen C1 (05-14) 1.0i Airplay
Fiat Panda (04-11) 1.1 Active
Fiat Panda (04-11) 1.2 Dynamic
Hyundai i10 (14 on) 1.0 S
Hyundai i10 (14 on) 1.0 S Air
Hyundai i10 (14 on) 1.0 SE
Hyundai i10 (14 on) 1.0 Premium
SEAT Mii (12 on) 1.0 S
SEAT Mii (12 on) 1.0 Ecomotive
SEAT Mii (12 on) 1.0 SE
SEAT Mii (12 on) 1.0 Toca
Skoda Citigo (12 on) 1.0 MPI S
Skoda Citigo (12 on) 1.0 MPI SE
Skoda Citigo (12 on) 1.0 MPI Sport
Skoda Citigo (12 on) 1.0 MPI Elegance
Vauxhall Corsa (06 on) 1.0i 12V Expression
Volkswagen Fox (06-12) 1.2
Volkswagen Up (12 on) 1.0 Take Up
Volkswagen Up (12 on) 1.0 Move Up

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