Audi A5 Coupe car insurance groups range from 25 to 47

Audi A5 Coupe car insurance groups, models range from the cheapest to insure in group 25 to the most expensive to insure in group 47.

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A5 Coupe Standard Trim group 44
A5 Coupe SE from 26 to 32
A5 Coupe Black Edition from 30 to 39
A5 Coupe Vorsprung from 35 to 43
A5 Coupe S5 group 40
A5 Coupe Carbon Edition group 47
A5 Coupe S Line from 28 to 43
A5 Coupe Sport from 25 to 38
A5 Coupe Audi Sport Edition group 44

Date modified 2019-09-19