Smart for Two Coupe car road tax prices - cheapest to most expensive

Car road tax bands and prices for Smart for Two Coupe - list of cars in descending order, from the cheapest to the most expensive annual UK road tax rates.

Engine or Model range Tax Band Cost per Year
cdi with 15" rear wheels Band A £0.00 /year
mhd with 15" rear wheels Band A £0.00 /year
turbo with 15" rear wheels Band C £30 /year
BRABUS with 17" rear wheels Band C £30 /year

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About UK road tax

For cars registered before 1 March 2001 the rate of vehicle tax depends on its engine size. The rate for cars registered on or after 1 March 2001 depends on CO2 emissions and fuel type.

Data on this page has been provided by the Vehicle Certification Agency, an Executive Agency of the Department for Transport.