Car Insurance groups explained. Find your car's insurance group.

There are 50 car insurance groups, cheapest to insure cars are in insurance group 1 with the most expensive in group 50.

Factor that affect car insurance groups are...
Current new car prices are a guide to a replacement car if fully written off.
Spare parts prices: there's a list of 23 common parts that are compared to find out how expensive a repair will be.
Likely damage to car: how many parts need replacing and at what cost.
Repair labour hours: how quickly can the car be repaired.
Engine size: high performance and fast cars tend to have and cause more accidents.
Safety features: ABS (anti-lock braking system), AEB (autonomous emergency braking) and other safety features reduce the likelihood of collisions.
Bumper design: how well the bumper can absorb the impact and prevent further damage
Security devices: Thatcham approved alarms and immobilisers make a car less likely to be stolen.